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Welcome to the website of Master Craftsman Jonathan Schechtman.  
The Antiques Alchemist    TM

This English-trained furniture conservator and his staff of highly skilled Vermont artisans at Meeting House Furniture Restoration repair, restore, and refinish antique and contemporary furniture, and perform museum quality conservation of wooden heirlooms and artifacts, from their historic 1833 Meeting House.

The skilled artisans at the Meeting House were recognized for their high level of craftsmanship exhibited in their restoration of the Vermont State House Furniture by lawmakers and dignitaries at  the annual meeting of the Friends' of the State House on October 26, 2001.


Pictured from left to right are project architect John Mesick, former Vermont Governor and Presidential candidate Howard Dean, the staff of Meeting House (Bruce Fifield, Jonathan Schechtman, Wayne Saunders, Fred Tipton) and State House Curator David Schutz ( far right, rear.)



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