The First Meeting House Society was convened in 1832 for the purpose of "constructing an edifice for Orthodox worship". The society raised the funds and oversaw the construction of the post and beam brick-clad house of worship, completed in 1833.

In 1871, dissention in the church forced the sale of the  structure to the town and it became a graded school. (Historic photographs of graduating classes hang in the present entry hall). The conversion from a church to a school was undertaken by Boston architect Thomas Silloway who designed the Quechee Congregational Church, the Windsor County Courthouse on the Green in Woodstock, and the current (1859) Vermont State House in Montpelier.

Silloway's changes include relocating the entry doors on the side of the building, the placing of Italianate brackets on the eaves, adding a cupola with a bell cast in Troy, New York, and exchanging the etched church windows for double hung, and divided the 24' high sanctuary into two floors, with classrooms on the 1st floor and a 12' high gymnasium upstairs


The gym held dances, basketball games, roller skating parties, town meetings and plays. In the 1960s when the second floor held theatrical events put on by the Green Mountain Guild Players, Bess Armstrong and Meryl Streep acted in this building.                      

Currently the historic brick Meeting House has the restoration workshop on the first floor. The upper portion of the building has been converted into a uniquely designed and furnished 2-story town house apartment occupied by the proprietor. It has been the subject of various news articles as well as recently filmed for a segment for HGTV.

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