Fine Art Restoration

One of our conservators is trained in Fine Art Restoration, and therefore can handle the patching of rips or punctures in most paint-on-canvas art.  Utilizing modern adhesives and practices, the damage stabilized, any pigment loss is in-painted.  all work performed is completely reversible and adheres to art conservation standards.  The gentle cleaning of artwork improves its visual impact, helps to communicate the artist’s aesthetic intent, preserves it for future generations, through the removal of surface accretions such as soot from fireplaces, atomized cooking residue, tobacco smoke, and so on.  We can also fully restore the frames surrounding artwork, including repairing or reproducing loose or missing plaster ornamentation, and renewing gold leaf on gilded elements. 

We do strongly advise that if there is any concern that the value of the artwork might be compromised by the proposed conservation procedures, then it is highly recommended to engage a certified art appraiser to verify that our work will not jeopardize its worth. 

fine art restoration - montpelier state house



Conservator Jonathan Schechtman cleans the 20′ by 10′ oil painting entitled “The First Vermont Brigade at the Battle of Cedar Creek” on site at the Vermont State House. Painted by Vermont artist Julian Scott, it was completed in 1874. Scott was a drummer boy in the Civil War. 

Oil on canvas tear repair. Before.
Oil on canvas tear repair.

Oil on canvas tear repair. Before and after.