“Assuring a future for the past through Antique Conservation and Repair”

Since 1982, Meeting House Furniture Restoration and Jonathan Schechtman have offered a wide range of antique restoration, woodworking, and repair services to individuals, institutions, and businesses.  We specialize in museum quality furniture restoration and conservation of family heirlooms, antique furniture, decorative and ethnographic objects and fine art.  

We specialize in the restoration of:


Antique Furniture Restoration

A specialty of the workshop. Whether it is a family heirloom or part of a museum collection, care is taken to ensure that the historical integrity is preserved.

Fine Art

Our skills extend beyond furniture restoration alone. One of our conservators is trained in Fine Art Restoration, and can handle the patching of rips or punctures in most paint-on-canvas art.

Custom Handmade Furniture

We will design and hand build a custom piece of furniture to your specifications in any style, dimension, wood or finish you can conceive of.

Transit Damaged Articles

For over thirty years the staff has handled any and all types of moving / transit damage for all furniture, decorative, and fine arts.


We have restored a variety of other interesting objects. Please see our Services page for a full description and examples of our work or simply call us.

Fire / Water Damaged Furniture

We are fully versed and experienced in the restoration of damaged fire and water-damaged furniture. Call us immediately in the case of water damage, as the most serious damage occurs while objects remain saturated.